My name is syn haedas and I'm your run-of-the-mill inexperienced cosplayer from Southeast Asia trying to learn how to sew, style wigs and build armour.

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Different note: I found sports-knit fabric of some sort in the right shade of purple for Jay the other week. (It’s a lot warmer than this photo shows lol)

I’m still missing fabric for the symbols and designs on his outfit but at least I can start drafting patterns for it now! :p

(Still need a zip though, should probably buy one first before I start measuring….)

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I’m also working on rigging up the 3DMG to attach partially with magnets and partially with clips so taking it on and off as needed won’t be as time-consuming, so fingers crossed.

I’m not particularly keen on having to actually physically unbuckle belts and unthread shit from belts if I can avoid it, hahah 8’D

Be working on central gas dispenser for 3DMG, realise I’m out of UHU glue

Well, okay, the hose parts I’m fitting are snug enough that it’s unnecessary for the moment, I can keep cutting things.

Realise I’m out of card.


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Cosplay Tip #1: Starting your cosplay “too early” is the best time to start.

Story Time!

My first few cosplays were terrible. Each one was made the night before the convention day. I thought “They’re simple. I can do it in no time.” My Friday cosplay (though it was a rather simple) took me from 10pm-5:30am. My Saturday cosplay; 10pm-4am. Both fell apart by the end of the day.  My Sunday cosplay never even happened because I didn’t have time to even finish the shirt. By the way, I had to wake up no later than 7am to get to the con.

Pulling all-nighters on a cosplay is not a great idea. It is very unlikely you will  have time to add important details when you rush the construction of a prop or outfit. You’ll attend the con exhausted from the lack of sleep and that ruins the fun.

In short:

  • Start your cosplay at least 4-6 months ahead of time. Even if you are buying for a cosplay, 6 months is sufficient time for the creator to sew and ship your cosplay with time to spare. If you are buying anything online, you have time to return or exchange items.
  • Work on your cosplay during down times or when you are bored.  Sewing one day, adding detail for an hour another day, sanding a prop another day. This guarantees progress in the long run.
  • A complete cosplay makes a happy cosplayer. You’ll get a full night’s rest and there will be no worries if your makeshift cosplay will fall apart.

Have Fun!

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Reposting old 2013 selfies from my old Homestuck blog nbd nbd

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Photo by Shine Photography, Animangaki Malaysia 2013.

[ R63!Kanaya | R63!Karkat | R63!Vriska | Eridan | Karkat ]

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My twitter is a dangerous place right now.
Read bottom to top, as per usual twitter format.


I cannot be stopped.

at first it was just gonna be forever bemused Maplestory Beginner class Levi Ackerman

now it’s forever angry AND bemused Maplestory Beginner class Levi Ackerman.

We have somehow ended up with a Petra, a possible Eren and a possible Erwin.

What have I done.

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My twitter is a dangerous place right now.
Read bottom to top, as per usual twitter format.


I cannot be stopped.

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My twitter is a dangerous place right now.
Read bottom to top, as per usual twitter format.


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how to cut fabric for a cosplay



step 1: lay out fabric


step 2:


Also applies to fashion design students /o/

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"I’m a butler. I can’t let my master see the form that speaks badly of my reputation."

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So there’s been this thing going around on my Facebook feed.

I decided to join the bandwagon.


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